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Secret Places on Google Earth

If you haven’t seen Google Earth yet, go ahead and download and install it here:

After you are done, put these coordinates in the search box (on top left):

50° 0′38.20″N 110° 6′48.32″W

This one is really cool but it looks like it’s random.

19°56′58.08″S 69°38′2.25″W
(Zoom in a little bit)

Now, this one is not random, it was made by someone, some say Mayans but remember, they couldn’t fly so I think making something like this that only someone in the air can see would be their last thought… Correct me if I’m wrong, I can’t find anything about this on the internet.
Honestly, it looks like an alien to me :)

45° 7′25.87″N 123° 6′48.97″W
(Zoom in a little bit)

:) The Firefox logo!

38°31′43.91″N 76°34′0.80″W
(Zoom back and forth a little)

31°39′40.82″N 106°35′26.02″W

37°33′49.94″N 116°51′3.91″W

45°42′12.73″N 21°18′7.53″E

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