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Fixing libxml, php bug and issues with HTML entities; libexpat

There is another way to fix this issue and I didn’t write about it because I couldn’t make it work at first.
Apparently I was missing one line :)

First you will need to find out where libexpat is located on your server, it’s probably here:

To find out for sure, open this folder (/usr/lib) and look for the file:

If you can’t find it, log in as root via SSH and enter:

This should list the folder in which libexpat is located.

After all this you will need to compile PHP to use libexpat instead of libxml, so go to:

And create a file and name it “all_php5″ (no quotes), if there is a file with this name edit it and add these lines to the end of it:

(lines start with two dashes “-” that are not showing up here for some reason)
Remember that depending on where libexpat is located on your server you might need to edit the second line.

Now compile Apache and everything should work fine!

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